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How to re-open hdl cosimulation dialog

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David on 28 Oct 2014
Commented: Sandip Kumar on 29 Oct 2014
When a new HDL Cosimulation block is first dropped into a model, double-clicking it opens a tabbed dialog which allows the block to be configured. After clicking "OK" on the dialog, double-clicking the block again does not bring up the dialog, but instead opens the mask. Much or all of the same information is presented in the mask, but working with the dialog is far easier. So my question is: How can you re-open the HDL Cosimulation block dialog once it has previously been closed?
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Sandip Kumar
Sandip Kumar on 29 Oct 2014
Are you referring of this tabbed view:
Can you post an image of the 'mask' view you are talking about?
Also, for workaround, you can always get back to the tabbed view using the 'model Explorer':
Thanks, Sandip

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