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Matlab "pyenv" doesn't respect user path / user env configured with anaconda

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Hello all!
I am trying to run a python script from matlab and get the results, my script requires python 3 and several packages that I have installed and cofigured using anaconda workspaces. When I run !which python it only finds the MacOS default python location, which is not the correct version and does not have the correct packages. pyenv reveals that matlab is only finding the OSx default python and libraries.
In my terminal I have used anaconda to maintain several python environments required for different projects and I have correctly configured my default environment before launching matlab. How can I get matlab to respect my python environment management, like every other piece of software that I regularly use does?

Answers (1)

Suman on 15 Feb 2024
Hi Tucker,
As per my understanding, you have created a python environment in anaconda with python3 and several packages and you would like MATLAB to use that python installation instead of the default OS python installation.
You can specify which python interpreter that MATLAB is going to use using the following command at the MATLAB command line:
pyenv('Version', '<path_to_your_anaconda_python_executable>');
#for example, pyenv('Version', '/usr/bin/python')
I hope that helps!




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