TLC and MEXW64 files for Code Generation

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Dear Sir,
I am new to code generation process.
Could you guy help out the understanding of this linkage among code generation process for target hardware?
I look into many S-Function and Legacy tool for C-code integration for target embbeded hardware and code generation.
Still, very confusing. (Specifically, TEXAS INSTRUMENT C2000 series)
Actually, I want to include some customed EXT_EEPROM.C and EXT_EEPROM.h file to get external hardware work with Code Generation process.
The function inside are like eepInitilize(); eepRead(); eepWrite; etc.
I found that there are only 2 important files to make these happen in Simulink Enviroment.
1) TLC file (Assuming for linkage function to hardware driver resouces ex. SPI, I2C, GPIO driver, etc.)
2) MEXW64 file (Assumming for a compiled version of EXT_EEPROM.c & EXT_EEPROM.h for S-Function)
Does my above understanding were correct ?
And how many TLC/MEXW64 should i create ?
And Which process/toolbox should I use in MATLAB to create above files ?
Could you give a hinch or and guildline for this integration?
Best Regards,
Narudol T.

Accepted Answer

Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 31 Jan 2022
Use the following legacy_code option to generate TLC code for an s-function.
legacy_code('sfcn_tlc_generate', specs)

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 29 Jan 2022
Your understanding is correct for TLC files and mexw64 files.
Assuming you already have Simulink and Simulink Coder licenses, no additional licenses are needed. There are two ways to create the S-Function. In my experience, the legacycode tool works better for hardware blocks like this because it allows you to have different behavoir for simulation and code generation.
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Narudol Tatiyavattanachai
Narudol Tatiyavattanachai on 30 Jan 2022
Hi Mark,
Thank you very much for your clarification.
Yes, I think I use the Legacy Code Tool ("LCT") to generate MEXW64 files.
However, I not know how to generate the TLC files.
Can you help recommend ?
Thank you in advanced.
Best Regards,
Narudol T.

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