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Guide Popupmenu adding an image?

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How can you add an image to a popupmenu using guide? An example picture of what I am trying to do is shown below. I have been trying to figure this out with no luck. Any help is appreciated.

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Jan on 15 Nov 2014
You can include images using HTML:
Icon = fullfile(matlabroot,'/toolbox/matlab/icons/matlabicon.gif');
IconURI = ['"file:/', strrep(Icon, '\', '/'), '"'];
uicontrol('Style', 'popupmenu', ...
'String', {'Hello', ['<html><img src=', IconURI, '> String']})
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Nov 2014
That's not right. Look at the code in comments. What you call contents is actually the index that is selected. To get the contents and index:
selectedIndex = get(handles.popup1, 'Value');
allContents = get(handles.popup1,'string');
selectedContents = allContents{selectedIndex};

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