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Function outputs the top row of a matrix, need it to output whole matrix

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The function that is outputting incorrectly is the myBisection function. mySpringScaleFunction is required for it to function.
I want the function to output a whole matrix [gather], but it only outputs the top row of the matrix.

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Andrew Reibold
Andrew Reibold on 18 Nov 2014
Edited: Andrew Reibold on 18 Nov 2014
You have a counter here, but its not actually in a loop. I'm guessing thats a mistake. Count only ever equals 1 during assignment, so that means you are only populating the first row.
gathered(count,:) = count;
gathered(count,2) = xl;
gathered(count,3) = xu;
gathered(count,4) = xm;
gathered(count,5) = errorz;
gather = gathered;
counters = count +1;
Also should the first line be (count,1) intead of (count,:)??
EDIT: OR - If count is supposed to be passed out, then back in, you aren't passing out the NEW value of count out anywhere. Every time you recall the function count is whatever is in the input. The +1 isn't doing anything as written.

Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith on 19 Nov 2014
i am doing this for an assignment and the function needs to be recursive, the purpose of the count is to have a sort of pseudo-loop. So the first time the function runs, it populates the first row because count = 1. Then count is ticked up by one and carried over into the next iteration of the function, which then populates the second row because now count = 2, and so on and so on until the errorz is less then a certain value.
about (count,:) that is something that I'll have to fix. Its a holdover from something I had originally tried to do.

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