Verbose build generated .log files can't be disabled?

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I enabled the Verbose build option in the Code Generation Advanced Settings and lots of .log files are generated in my slprj folders.
Then I disabled this option, saved the Configuration, but still the .log files are still generated.
Is this a bug?
I tried to reset my repository to make sure that I have the old config file, manually delete the generated folders, but still the .log files are generated all the time

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom on 29 Jan 2022
As you stated, the "verbose build" option does not create log files... it simply displays extra information about the code generation process. I am not aware of any code generation feature that would produce log files.
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Bogdan Bodnarescu
Bogdan Bodnarescu on 31 Jan 2022
Yes, I confirm that this was not the problem.
I don't know how the .log file generation was activated, but raising this issue to the Matlab Support it was solved after deleting all the .slxc cache files for the models and also all the code generation folders.

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