every value of dropdown has a variable associated with it which has different default value which can be editable

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I have a dropdown of different radars, each radar has different power output which has the default value. In the app designer, when i select a dropdown it should show me the defualt value and used in calculation and this value can be edited by the user.
I have done the first part in which it shows the default value as one of the radar is selected and calculates on based of this value, but the second part in which the user can edit the power value and it perform the calculation could not be done, it is not giving be the correct output when i edit the value, as it takes only the default value again.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 15 Feb 2022
You need to put code somewhere that checks the "Value" or "String" property of the popup. I didn't know the user could change a popup entry (in GUIDE you cannot). So if the user changes it, then in the callback function for the popup, do any of the properties change, like the "String" property or any other one?


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