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How to update 'MATLAB_Ed​itor_State​.xml'

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Andre Zeug
Andre Zeug on 6 Dec 2014
Commented: per isakson on 6 Dec 2014
I am trying to reset the code folding state of a specific file which is open in the editor. Since the present code folding state is stores in the file MATLAB_Editor_State.xml, I tried to edit the file by just deleting the file information. However this does not affect the code folding state while Matlab is running. Also: 1st closing the editor, 2nd editing the xml-file, 3rd reopen the editor and all files is not sufficient. Finally it is required to 1st quit Matlab, 2nd edit the xml-file, 3rd restart Matlab that the file specific code folding properties are removed. So my question is how to force Matlab to update and reread MATLAB_Editor_State.xml that modifications of the file take effect while Matlab is running. Other ideas of resetting code folding are also very welcome. (Background: I set 'Sections' to 'Fold Initially' to make lengthy script readable. However when the script is modified by an external source, e.g. updating from SVN server, everything gets unfolded. So I am looking for a possibility to reset code folding state.) Please see also: Yair Altman blog

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