Gazebo Plugin for co-simulation between Matlab and Gazebo 11

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I am trying to perform a co-simulation between MATLAB 2021b and Gazebo Version 11. I am familiar with the fact that there is a Gazebo Plugin that can be installed with the function packageGazeboPlugin and can perform co-simulation. However, the plugin can only work for Gazebo versions 9 and 10. What plugins do I need in order to co-simulate in such a case?

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Gaurav Bhosale
Gaurav Bhosale on 3 Mar 2022
Hi Jacob,
You can find more details in similar post .
Basically, the Gazebo Co-Sim Plugin support earlier to R2022a is limited to Gazebo 9 and 10 version.
We have added Gazebo 11 version support from MATLAB R2022a.
So, if you have pre-release of MATLAB R2022a then you can use Gazebo Co-Sim Plugin with Gazebo 11 version.

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