Rescale values based on a particular value

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I have a .csv file with ~200k values. I want to rescale the values to range -1 to +1. I know the rescale function can do this.
However, what I want to do is, I want the scaling to happen based on the max and min range that I provide and not the max and min values in the file itself. To give an example: the file contains values ranging from 2500-2800. I want to rescale it from -1 to +1 but -1 should correspond to 2300 and +1 should correspond to 3000.
How can I do it? I don't think rescale function provides this functionality. Is there any function for it? I have attached my file.
Thanks, Gagan

Accepted Answer

Simon Chan
Simon Chan on 13 Mar 2022
Try the following:
data = readmatrix('');
rescale_data = rescale(data,-1,1,'InputMin',2300,'InputMax',3000);
ylim([2300 3000]);
Giggs B.
Giggs B. on 14 Mar 2022
Hi, I think soundsc() does the samething what "rescale + sound" functions together do.
However, rescale also provides the flexibiity of setting 'InputMin' and 'InputMax' values which soundsc() does not provide.

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