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startBackground timing (NI DAQ)

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James McIntosh
James McIntosh on 18 Dec 2014
I've noticed that after queuing a sizable amount of data, there is a noticeable delay (e.g. 1 or 2s) between initiating the startBackground function and it returning.
Doing some tests, it looks like the data output is actually starting nearer when the function is returning than when it is initiated.
Without modifying hardware, is there a way to get better control of exactly when the data output is initiating? Or, at least to get back a time of when it actually did initiate?
(I should add, maybe when startBackground returns is actually a good indication of when data output started - I just couldn't find this actually written anywhere)
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florian schertenleib
florian schertenleib on 16 Feb 2016
Hello James, i have got the same issue! I queue data beforehand (1 second sinusoidal wave at rate = 10000. I found "prepare(s)" as a call to enhance the latency. Have you already tried this? Can anyone tell the reason why there is a latency after startBackground(s) resp. startForeground(s) ?
Thanks in advance!

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