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how to set cache_path directory of Lightweigh​tBrowser/j​cef_cache when Matlab startup

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I installed Matlab R2021b in linux cent os 7, and I changed my username for some reasons. I activated the Matlab before the username change, and after the username change, I reactivated the Matlab. Now the Matlab can be normally started from the terminal, but I always get below warning, seems like the cache_path of the "LightweightBrowser/jcef_cache" still do not recognize the new username. How could I solve the issue. Thanks.
[0320/] The cache_path directory (/home/MyOldUserName/.matlab/R2021b/LightweightBrowser/jcef_cache) could not be created.
[0320/] The cache_path is invalid. Defaulting to in-memory storage.
Zuhui Wang
Zuhui Wang on 24 Apr 2022
Edited: Zuhui Wang on 24 Apr 2022
Hi Sébastien
I didnt have any progress yet.. since it seems like not affecting normal functioning of matlab, I put it aside right now. I think the warning mentioned cache_path should be a matlab environment variable to tell matlab where to save the cache of help doc, but I didnt find where the matlab defines this variable.
Sébastien Doré
Sébastien Doré on 25 May 2022
Hi Zuhui,
Thanks for the follow-up. I put it aside for the same reason. I just hope it won't break something at some point down the road and cross my finger that a future upgrade (2022b) will solve it but I guess I'll leave it at that until then.

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Accepted Answer

Zuhui Wang
Zuhui Wang on 7 May 2023
Edited: Zuhui Wang on 7 May 2023
Found a solution from magic ChatGPT :-D
Just create a soft link from your current home directory to the old home directory in your current home directory. For example, I renamed my home directory from /home/MyOldUserName/ to /home/MyNewUserName/ before installation of Matlab. And I saw the warning when startup the matlab. Then I create a soft link under my /home/MyNewUserName/ pointing to /home/MyNewUserName/ like below:
% close matlab before you run below code
cd /home/MyNewUserName
ln -s /home/MyNewUserName /home/MyOldUserName
Note, you may not see any softlink file using ls command, this may due to the lack of /home/MyOldUserName folder.
Then I restart matlab and the warning message are gone. BTW, I'm using CentOS Linux release 7.9.2009 (Core). Not sure if similar solution works for Windows.

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Christopher Lanning
Christopher Lanning on 21 Jan 2023
I can't say my course of action is advised, but it did work.
I first completely uninstalled matlab, then did a file search and deleted all lingering folders in my user profile folder and in the program folders.
Then I opened up registry editor and updated all references to my original user profile folder to my current user profile folder. There were a couple hundred of them.
Then I restarted and re-installed matlab and toolboxs.
No more debug.log file!
Again, use at your own descression. So far I have not detected any ill side effects, but playing around in the registry is always hazardous.
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Christopher Lanning
Christopher Lanning on 29 Mar 2023
Edited: Christopher Lanning on 29 Mar 2023
After some more use, the course of action I took is even less advised. I ran into an issue trying to upgrade from 2022a to 2022b. I don't remember the exact phrasing of the error, but it was evident that my monkeying around in the registry was the cause. I ended up doing a clean install of windows and all programs to fix it.

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Evg on 29 Mar 2023
Still relevant. Is there a way to solve the problem? Without removing the matlab


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