Model Based Calibration (CAGE) - Error in "Fill Lookup Table" Functionality Caused by Unrecognised Function / Variable

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I am experiencing some issues with MBC Toolbox that seems to be a function of the UI, and therefore am having some problems knowing where to even start with resolving the problem. The core of my issue is a "perpetual loading" response to the use of the "fill lookup table" function in CAGE, though some more specific details are as follows:
  • I am using mbcmodel and cage in version r_2021a of Matlab.
  • I am attempting to fill a look-up table based on the outputs of a response model previously made in MBC.
  • The model is the basis of a strategy comprising three look up tables, one 2-D, two 1-D. The strategy produces the output as a straightforward sum of the three lookup tables.
  • The error I am recieving occurs only when I am attempting to fill any of the three lookup tables after generating breakpoints.
To do this I have performed the following steps:
  1. Load the model (in the form of a .mat file) into mbcmodel and import to CAGE (via File >> Import From Project)
  2. Create a new feature in the project.
  3. Import the strategy to be filled in the form of a .slx file (File >> Import >> Strategy). This comprises one 2-D lookup table and two 1-D lookup tables.
  4. Fill the strategy via (Feature >> Select Model) and select the previously imported model.
  5. Configure breakpoints for the 2-D lookup table I am attempting to fill in each of the variable normalisers. In this case all i have done is set the number of breakpoints (16 in each of the two axis) "initialise" and then "fill" the breakpoints with default settings.
  6. Select the 2-D lookup table in the feature tree and then click "fill look-up table"
It is at this point (step 6) that I would expect the "table fill wizard" to appear so i can set input values. Instead I am met with a loading cursor that does not end in the UI, and an error message in MATLAB's command window:
Unrecognized function or variable 'cgp'.
Error in cageview.table.Actions/onFill (line 354)
F = cgsimfill.Feature(pF,'Project',cgp,'Tables',pt);
Error in cageview.table.Actions>@(varargin)obj.onFill(varargin{:}) (line 64)
obj.Fill = mbcgui.actions.StatefulAction(@obj.onFill,...
Error in xregcallback (line 39)
Error in mbcgui.actions.StatefulAction/execute (line 53)
xregcallback(obj.Command, obj, []);
Error in mbcgui.actions.Action/onExecute (line 495)
Error in mbcgui.actions.Action>@(varargin)obj.onExecute(varargin{:}) (line 269)
'ClickedCallback', @obj.onExecute, ...
I receive an identical error message if I try to fill either of the 1-D look-up tables also, so it appears to be universal to the "fill" functionality.
As far as I am aware I have not edited any of the underlying code of CAGE to have caused a "unrecognised function" error to occur. I can only assume that this may be the result of some version incompatibility or a licensing issue? Furthermore it is not the sort of error message I would expect to see if I had done something procedureally wrong in my effort to fill the strategy.
I have attached below images: one showing the breakpoints of my table (to show that it is configured normally and that the model is also compatible with the strategy) and one showing the frozen window once i have attempted to fill the strategy.
Any help that can be offered in resolving this issue would be much appreciated, as it is causing some real problems in conducting a short-notice tutorial on the software!
Many Thanks,

Accepted Answer

Ian Noell
Ian Noell on 23 Mar 2022
Hi Jack,
This is a bug in R2021a which is fixed in R2021b. Apologies for that.
When filling tables that are part of features I recommend that you fill the tables from the Feature Filling view. The Feature Filling page also didn't have this bug.
The Feature Filling page allows you to fill the feature in multiple steps and gives you more options that are not available for simple table filling.
Hope that helps. Please contact me through tech support if you need any more assistance.
Best regards,
Jack Prior
Jack Prior on 24 Mar 2022
Hi Ian,
Thanks a lot, that resolved the issued instantly, almost ashamed that I didn't spot it myself.

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