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Simulink and Simscape models built in 2021a do not work properly in 2021b

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I built a bipedal robot locomotion control model using Simulink and Simscape in 2021a. When I ran this model in 2021b, the results were so far off from 2021a that it didn't work properly. I tried checking with the model upgrade tool and got the following prompt:
However, in both 2021a and 2021b, the solver automatically selects the ode45 method. I haven't used the ode23t method, I tried updating and it still didn't work, so I can't understand the prompt.
Also, I found that the model runs a lot faster in 2021b, but the results are not the same as in 2021a. So I suspect the solver has changed. How can I fix this so that I get the same simulation results in 2021b as in 2021a?

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Tom Vose
Tom Vose on 31 Mar 2022
Hi Jingchao. It's hard to know what's going on without seeing the model. If possible, I'd suggest that you submit the model and repro steps to technical support so someone can take a look.


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