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What is the nominal parameters of the battery used in "Lithium Battery Cell - Two RC" model? and the type of the battery model?

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Can you please let me know the "type of battery" and its basic parameters like "capacity" and "nominal voltage" which has been used in the model "Lithium Battery Cell - Two RC" i.e. "ssc_lithium_cell_2RC" although the parameter look up table available does'nt precisely mention the nominal parameters which are used to define a battery. Please help me with this.

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Javier Gazzarri
Javier Gazzarri on 24 Jan 2023
Hello Vikas,
The parameterization of the battery cell in this example is done as a function of SOC and temperature with a grid of breakpoints for both of these states upon which all parameters depend. The nominal voltage of a cell is typically quoted as an intermediate point between the minimum and maximum voltages, measured at 0 and 100% SOC, respectively. In this case, ~3.3V.
With capacity we need to be careful with how to define it. Total capacity is the maximum capacity extractable from the cell at vanishingly small current and 25ºC, while discharge capacity refers to the charge extractable from the battery under specified load and environmental conditions. Typically "nominal" makes reference to the latter, is this your case also?
Please let me know if this makes sense.
Best regards,


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