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How to use Inverse Kinematics Designer for robot model that is not URDF?

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Can Inverse Kinematics Designer app, be used to to design an inverse kinematics solver for a rigidbody tree robot model?

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Hannes Daepp
Hannes Daepp on 3 Apr 2023
The Inverse Kinematics Designer works with any robot that is modeled as a Rigid Body Tree object. When you start a session, you will be asked to select a robot from the list (corresponding to the robots in our robot library) or load from the workspace. If you select "Load from Workspace", any rigid body tree objects in the workspace will be made available for use in the app.
To create a rigid body tree object object, you import from URDF, Xacro, SDF, and Simscape Multibody models using importrobot:
Additionally, if you have a different format, you may construct a rigidbodytree object yourself. See the following example for reference:
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Aidan Guthrie
Aidan Guthrie on 5 Aug 2023
When I create a rigid body within the MATLAB enviroment as per,
the model when imported into the Inverse Kinematics Designer does not retain the physical volume of the object, instead it remains as a "wireframe". See images below.
What can I do to be able to import the entire model with the body, so the inverse kinermatic designer realises the physical limitations and collusions between each body as they move?

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