how to find the histogram of the each blocks of the gray image that is divided into 4 parts?

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user06 on 12 Jan 2015
Answered: Image Analyst on 12 Jan 2015
there are 4 blocks , and i want the histogram of these 4 blocks.

Accepted Answer

sachit on 12 Jan 2015
use "imhist" command for every block.
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user06 on 12 Jan 2015
ho we can use "imhist" to each block.? i have divided the the image into the blocks then how can i use "imhist"to each block can u plz give an example.?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 12 Jan 2015
[pixelCounts1, grayLevels1] = imhist(block1);
[pixelCounts2, grayLevels2] = imhist(block2);
[pixelCounts3, grayLevels3] = imhist(block3);
[pixelCounts4, grayLevels4] = imhist(block4);

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