insert new rows and movin data into new rows

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clear all; clc;
n = 1000;
lambda = 480;
WAK = poissrnd(lambda,1,n);
WK(1) = WAK(1);
for i=1:n-1
WK(i+1) = WK(i) + WAK(i+1);
how to make WK multi-dimensional with : 1440*(t-1) <= WK(i) < 1440*t , suppose :
  • for t=1 , WK(i) on row 1
  • for t=2 , WK(i) on row 2
  • for t=3, WK(i) on row 3
  • dst.

Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 16 Apr 2022
Use repmat() to copy the 1-D WK into additional rows or columns.
but I'm not sure what it's asking because I don't know if t is rows or columns, and every row or column has the same value, which is just WK(i).
Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 17 Apr 2022
It's literally the output matrix you said WK should become, element by element.
And you never answered my questions: "What's the use case? Why do you need to do this quirky thing anyway?"
That might help me figure out what is wanted.
Looking at the second half of your original question, the best I can figure out what you mean is to use
WK2 = reshape(WK, [], 1440);

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