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How can I save the output of a for loop onto the same column, when each iteration gives me an answer of different heights?

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I'm trying to save the output of my data onto one single column. After each iteration I get a column of answers that are at different heights.
My goal is to save each P_mask result into one single column named fin_mask. Each answer (P_mask) is a different height. Ranging from 800 to 70. I've tried this
parcel_vals = [1,4,6,25,26,44,94,114,116,117]
num_pv = length(parcel_vals);
for node = 1 : num_pv
P = parcel_vals(node) ;
fin_mask(node) = P_mask;
This does not work. Does anyone know how to resolve this?

Answers (1)

Jeffrey Clark
Jeffrey Clark on 21 Apr 2022
Store the itteration results in a cell array (not the default doubly type array you are using); see Cell array - MATLAB (


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