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Parameter estimation of EV charger to match measured input current

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I have designed a EV battery charger in Simulink (Specialized power system). Model is detailed as shown below and takes considerable time in simulation. This model is for a specific 3.3 kW charger and draws a non linear input current.
I was wondering if it is possible to estimate the parameters of this model to transform it into any other EV charger whose input current measrement data is available.( as shown in second picture)
Or if I can tune the model parameters ( inductor , capacitors, PI control loop) to match aspecific requirement eg. 7.8 % THD of input current using optimization toolbox.

Accepted Answer

Michael on 21 Jun 2022
Hi Haroon,
Since the model is in Simulink/Simscape, you can tune parameters using Simulink Design Optimization (SDO).
To tune parameters so the model output matches measured data, you could use the Parameter Estimator app in SDO. For example, see the following:
To tune parameters to the model output meets design requirements, you can use Response Optimizer app in SDO.

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