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Multiple Font Sizes in for a label in app designer

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I am using a label in Appdesigner. However I want to use multiple Font Sizes in one label. How can this be done?
I use the code below. Using the Label in the title of a plot is work well, I get different FondSize, However when I use the same Label in appdesigner it does not work???
Thx for your support
Label = sprintf('%s',['fontsize{12}', num2str(5,5555,'%1.4f'),'\fontsize{10}',num2str(6)]);
%% as title in figure it works
%% does not work for a label in app designer
app.Label.Text = Label;

Accepted Answer

Alberto Cuadra Lara
Alberto Cuadra Lara on 9 Jun 2022
Hello Leon,
I'm not sure if this is possible, because the font size is a property of the Label class. My approach would be to use two labels aligned using the desired font sizes.
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Leon on 10 Jun 2022
Hello Alberto,
Thx for your suggestion. I think it not the most beautiful one but I think you are right, I don't think it is possible. And I tried a lot.
Your suggestion will do the trick, also if I resize the figure they stay connected.

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