please help me I want to import data to wok space and export data from work space during simulation in the same model ?

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In my model I want to collect A set of numbers (which is variable by changing the switch ) I want to equal the output of summation to variable (N) where I want this variable in another block like gain the problem in work space is save date after simulation end I want to read N during simulation (where N is variable) The figure of model is attached below How can I do it??

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 2 Feb 2015
A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 5 Feb 2015
Simulink is not intended to be used that way, which is why I am proposing solutions slightly different than what you are asking.
The proper solution is to make modifications to your blocks such that "N" is a signal and not a parameter.
To learn why, and potential "hacks" (with their own drawbacks) such as using set_param(), see this article.

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