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running mean of circular data (angles)

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Hi there
Im trying to do a running mean of a quite large wind-direction data-set but I'm having trouble finding solutions that work. Does anyone know of a simple solution?
Thanks in advance

Accepted Answer

Mark Brandon
Mark Brandon on 5 Oct 2011
You could look at the excellent "Circular Statistics Toolbox"
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 7 May 2020
I am not aware of any meanangle() function that has 'omitnan' as an option.

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Jakob Sievers
Jakob Sievers on 5 Oct 2011
The Circular Statistics Toolbox doesnt appear to have a running mean function though. I have used its circ_mean function to make my own running mean but it takes hours to complete its calculation due to the size of the dataset (basically a long vector containing 10 million points).
Does anyone have any other suggestions?
Jakob Sievers
Jakob Sievers on 5 Oct 2011
Hi David
I just talked with a colleague who said that a 30min mean would be sufficient, meaning that I can make a simple running mean that runs in a 20 seconds or so myself using the circ_mean as described above. Thanks for the help though!

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