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Drag and Drop file (txt file)

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cemsi888 on 5 Feb 2015
Answered: Xiangrui Li on 28 Jun 2016
Hi every one . I want to make drag and drop box. Could you give me advices about that. My target is: I took text files from our experiments and than i want to drag and drop it into command window.After that i want to control my calculations , plot diagrams etc... As you expected i have too many Experiment results and i want to make my calculations succesively thats why i need drag and drop box. how can i create it ?and how can i link Buttons with m files.
cemsi888 on 5 Feb 2015
yes you are rihgt it is not matlab command window.and do you know how can i add Status bar in my "COMMAND WINDOW"?
Michael Haderlein
Michael Haderlein on 5 Feb 2015
Just create axes at this position and a patch in there. Set xlim to [0 1] and update the xdata of the patch over progress:
figure, ha=axes('xlim',[0 1],'ylim',[0 1],'xtick',[],'ytick',[],'box','on');
hp=patch([0 0 0 0],[0 0 1 1],'r');
for cnt=1:100
set(hp,'xData',[0 cnt/100 cnt/100 0])

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 5 Feb 2015
Drag and drop is an open problem in Matlab. You could use an ActiveX control under Windows, but you did not specify if the code must be platform-independent.

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Xiangrui Li
Xiangrui Li on 28 Jun 2016
For anyone who is interested, here is a nice solution with java


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