javaaddpath not update during runtime inside a function

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Hi, I encountered a problem trying to load a jar inside a function.
The problem is that when the function runs, it goes into infinite loop of the following code.
Although I use javaaddpath to load the jar, but it seems not to be loaded.
However, if I run this section in command window mode, it load for once and exit the while loop.
%% ----load jar, if not loaded
while isempty(java.lang.Class.forName('ij.IJ');
disp(['loading ij... @ ',datestr(now,31)]);
%% ---Another example is that inside a function, I collect ~100 jars to load in
% batch by:
aIJ = ij.IJ;
Error: Undefined variable "ij" or class "ij.IJ".
% Then I check the javaclasspaath and found that
% D:\GreenSoft\Fiji.app53q\jars\ij-1.53q.jar is already shown in the
% javaclasspath, but Matlab unexpectedly refuse to load it.
% Then I manually run in command window:
% Matlab takes about 5s to load it.
% Then I run:
aIJ = ij.IJ;
% Now the IJ object is created.
% It seems that javaaddpath works well in base workspace or a function directly called from command window,
% but not work well if located deeper in function chains.
% Because I am using MATLAB_JAVA environment variable to switch R2016a java
% from 6 to java 8, I am not sure if this is the cause of the problem.

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