when i creat a ros2 node ,it dosn't work.why 'Input data can only contain ASCII characters' ?

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>> test1 = ros2node("/test1")
Error using ros2node/createNode
Error creating the ROS 2 node /test1.
Error in ros2node (line 129)
createNode(obj, parser.Results.name, parser.Results.id);
Caused by:
Error using ros.internal.Node/create
Input data can only contain ASCII characters.

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Answers (1)

Josh Chen
Josh Chen on 5 Aug 2022
Hello Xin,
I tried the same command you posted here on my end and it successfully created a ROS 2 node.
As Walter mentioned, the culprit could be some third-party files added to MATLAB path. Please try to restore to default path as suggested.
If the issue still persist, we would need more information about your setup and environment to take a closer inspection. Please reach out to MathWorks Technical Support and get connected with our technical support team.


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