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Is it possible to make a hue color scale which can then be converted to RGB?

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I have a brain atlas image that is set with hue color values between 0-1 that are then converted to RGB. Different regions of the brain have different hue values based on the inputs of the areas being selected. What I now want to do is creat a hue color scale that goes from cold colors like dark blue to hot read, sort of like a heat map. Would you know how I could do this?
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Alexandar on 22 Jul 2022
Or is there a way I can manipulate the hue color wheel to be displayed as a heat map? I tried doing that but it includes colors like pink, purple, or green which are colors that I don’t want. I just want colors that go from “hot to cold” if that makes sense?

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Kevin Holly
Kevin Holly on 22 Jul 2022
Edited: Kevin Holly on 22 Jul 2022
Have you looked at Colormaps? If so, have you tried adjusting the limits with clim, formerly known as caxis (renamed in R2022a).
If you have a .nii file, you can use the app attached as an example.

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