MATLAB Drive Connector remote connections - how to know which connections to approve?

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I use LuLu to approve new network connections. Most cloud services connect to perhaps one or two remote servers. However, I regularly receive requests to connect to new servers from MATLABConnector and its related functions (MATLAB, MATLAB_R2021a, MathWorksServiceHost, AddOnProductInstaller, InstallMathWorksServiceHost, InstallMATLABConnector, MATLABWindow, matlabwindowhelper). For example, at this very moment in time MATLABConnector has nine simultaneous external connections, MATLAB has two, and MathWorksServiceHost has another two. In total, I have had to approve 18 external connections for MATLAB-related products. The sheer volume of connections is unprecedented as compared to other similar software (e.g. Google Drive / Dropbox / OneDrive).
Is this normal, i.e. should MATLABConnector really be asking for so many connections to remote servers? I cannot find any information online about which servers are genuine, and therefore no way of knowing whether or not these are Malware requests impersonating MATLAB. The purpose of network monitoring tools (such as LuLu) is meant to be to avoid Malware connections but the number of MATLAB-related requests can make this very difficult to keep on top of.

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