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when using copyobj() with a contour, changing properties of the copy has no effect

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Hello MatLabers
I'm using a contour plot on several axes. Since I have quite an amount of points, the calculation of the contour ([C,h]=contour(...)) takes quite a while (~10secs) and I therefore copy the contour to the different axes. Plus I create the contour on a temporary axes (for I pass the copy to an object which does not know of the current axes)
f = figure('visible','off') % hidden
tmpax = axes('parent',f);
[C,rc]= contour(tmpax,M,v);
from this point i can change properties (e.g. enable/disable the text:
I then pass the handle to my object (class which is also a handle class), which has a property calld "theContour" and an axes "ax" to the following:
function addContour(this, conthandle)
delete(this.theContour); % delete the previous contour
% if there is one already
catch e
this.theContour= copyobj(conthandle,;
this works perfectly fine. The contour is copied and displayed.
However, I would now like to be able to enable/disable the contour labels. I have a method to do so where I call
set(this.theContour,'ShowText','on'); % or off
this has no influence. The only property that I can change on the copied object is "visible". I also tried to use clabel to enable/disable the labels:
C = get(this.theContour,'ContourMatrix');
text_handle = clabel(C,this.theContour,'LabelSpacing',200);
which has no infuence at all...
any help would be greatly appreciated.

Accepted Answer

Jonas Reber
Jonas Reber on 1 Nov 2011
mathworks technical support confirmed that this is a misbehaviour and that it will be resolved in a future version.

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