How Load *.txt file with binary output and convert him to ASCII?

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I need some help, in this task, to analayse my aquisition data I need to load a *.txt file. Inside him it have a binary code. SO I need convert him to ASCII , or decimal code. The objective is manipulate the data and exib it on the following format...
In attachment i sent the input.txt, that i need to load.
Thanks in advance
Biza Ferreira
Biza Ferreira on 22 Aug 2022
Hello fellows,
I have made the follow, I have open a file input.txt, the first 4 bytes of my "input" file give me the total of data aquisitioned, so I need transform it to a uint32_t where the aquisition data make the aquisition countage from 0,1,2,...,59999.
So i need isolate this variable from the rest of the aquisition data and after that make a struct to build my aquisition system. someone can help me?

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