Saving some part of a cell array

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Yongmin on 22 Feb 2015
Commented: Yongmin on 2 Mar 2015
I have a 1x11 cell and want to save some columns of the cell (from 1st column to 8th column only) into a MAT-file.
data =
columns 1 through 4
[21350235x8 char] [21350235x6 char] [21350235x6 char] [21350235x1 int32]
columns 5 through 8
[21350235x64 char] [21350235x10 char] [21350235x1 int32] [21350235x1 int32]
columns 9 through 11
{21350235x1 cell} {21350235x1 cell} {21350235x1 cell}
Columns 9 ~ 11 consist of character strings of variable lengths containing unicode texts. If I try to save them in MAT-file, MATLAB requires to use -v7.3 switch. The saved MAT file has too large size, I want eliminate columns 9 through 11 instead.
Could you please tell me how to do it?
Many thanks!
Yongmin on 24 Feb 2015
Thanks Geoff and Titus. I tried to accessing each element of the cell by data{1}, data{2}, and so on. Anyhow your comment were very helpful.

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Accepted Answer

Titus Edelhofer
Titus Edelhofer on 24 Feb 2015
you should be able to index into data without destroying data or doing copies:
dataTruncated = data(1:8);
save someFile.mat dataTruncated
If you prefer to have the data in the file called "data", then cut of the last cells as Geoff suggested and then save ...
Yongmin on 2 Mar 2015
Thanks a lot for your idea, Titus. I will follow your suggestion.
Regards, Yongmin

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