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Problem to use DSP F28035 with Simulink

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Miguel Angel Robles Vargas
Edited: Asim on 31 Jan 2024
I hope everything is okay.
I have been working with the dsp f28035x,adjunt the link of it, but i haven't been able to connect with simulink. The script of simulink is just a constant and DO of the library C2000. I have to mention that I already installed ccs v10 and the control suite which are necessary in order to work with simulink and DSP. I am gonna attach the configuration of the hardware, the error, the script and the target with its docking.
I would like to know why I am having this problem, I have done my own research but I couldn't fine a solution. I don't know if I have a mistake with physical switches or with some configuration in Simulink
I am looking forward to hearing your answer.
Thanks in advance

Answers (1)

Asim on 31 Jan 2024
Edited: Asim on 31 Jan 2024
Hello Miguel,
I have encountered similar issues while working with TI boards. The error you're experiencing is typically linked to a variety of hardware or firmware issues that can hinder the JTAG debugger from establishing a connection with the core. Please refer to the following link for guidance on troubleshooting this error.
I hope this helps!
Best Regards,
Asim Asrar




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