Solving system of 5 variable

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Md Shihab Adnan
Md Shihab Adnan on 26 Feb 2015
Answered: A Jenkins on 26 Feb 2015
I have been trying to model a electrical circuit with transmission line. But the problem is i don't know the characteristic data of this electrical transmission line.
So i used a known DC resistance of 50 ohm and measured the impedance magnitude and angle at 5 different frequency. According to my model i have 5 unknown variable. So what i did like this:
I created 5 symbolic variable like R1, L1, C1, R2& L2. The Zeq is like this:
Zeq= R1+1i*W*L1+(1/(1i*W*C1))(R2+50+1i*W*L2)/(R2+50+1i*W*L2+1/(1i*W*C1))*
I tried to simplify this expression but it doesn't. Is there any way to simplify this equation further?
Basically i have impedance value measured at 5 different frequency and i have this expression. So i used solve command to solve 5 variable from 5 equation . First of all it takes a lot of time. And finally it shows that "No Explicit solution could not be found"
Is there any better way to solve 5 variable system? or using Simulink?
Thanks in advance and Regards

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A Jenkins
A Jenkins on 26 Feb 2015


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