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How can I get the value of toggle button (uicontrol)

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Mehdi on 11 Mar 2015
Commented: Mehdi on 11 Mar 2015
Hi fellow MATLAB users,
I have created a toggle button in a figure programmatically using uicontrol:
tb = uicontrol(gtfig, 'Style', 'togglebutton', 'String', 'Start/Stop', 'tag', 'togglebutton1', 'Position', [30 20 100 30])
How can I get its value after it's pressed? Apparently, the code:
button_state = get(hObject,'Value');
that is used in GUIDE can't be used here. Thank you for your help.

Accepted Answer

Yoav Livneh
Yoav Livneh on 11 Mar 2015
You need to set a callback function for the button if you want something to happen when it is pressed. For example:
% set callback fnuction
% example for callback function
function fun1(hObject,eventData)
button_state = get(hObject,'Value');

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Mehdi on 11 Mar 2015
It doesn't return anything. Nothing happens when I click on it.


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