How can we use Multi output ANFIS in matlab..?

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I am working on building a ANFIS Model which can process 3 inputs and two outputs. The ANFIS Literature states that, ANFIS only supports Multi input Single Output Models. I have planned to use two ANFIS Models to achieve my work. I dont know how to call/combine two anfis models in a single project. Any links or inputs for solving my problem would be helpful.
Thanks in advance

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Yarpiz on 12 Sep 2015
Unfortunately, the ANFIS functionality in MATLAB and Fuzzy Logic Toolbox, does not support multiple outputs. But, you can create a structure or cell array, and store an ANFIS structure per output, as the elements of the created array. That is, you train a single-output ANFIS for any of output variables and simulate the multiple outputs, by means of cell or structure arrays.
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Subarna Sivashanmugam
Subarna Sivashanmugam on 29 Sep 2020
Could you please elaborate on this or else it would be helpful if you provide some documents for reference.
Thank you.

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