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how to do this array problem matlab

Asked by HIGH
on 22 Mar 2015
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on 22 Mar 2015
sqrt(zk) where zk is the kth element of array z.


HIGH - please describe in detail what problem you are attempting to solve. Instead of posting a link to an image, describe it in worlds.
we have to specify the Matlab command that we would enter in order to evaluate the indicated sigma quantity . I cannot type it the symbols. that is why I posted the link to the question. Sorry I am new to this forum.

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Answer by Naty S
on 22 Mar 2015
 Accepted Answer

Hey HIGH If I understand you correctly you want to sum the square value of a vector. Check the functions sum and sqrt

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is this right too?
because when I did it your way it asks me to define k. so I typed k=(1:3).. then it gave me 2.7321 + 2.2533i... also when I did d=sum(sqrt(z(1:3))), it gave me the same answer. both ways are correct it seems?

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