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Axes resolution problems using VideoWriter

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Paul Fishback
Paul Fishback on 22 Mar 2015
I'm facing some issues trying to improve the resolution of graph axes when creating an .avi file. Each frame in the file consists of a bar graph, where the horizontal axes labels involve text, e.g. "1A", "2A",...."44E" and where no label consists of more than 3 characters.
I start with the following:
writerObj = VideoWriter('awesome.avi');
Within a loop I create each bar graph and add the frame to the video frame sequence:
After the loop I close the writer object:
Everything works fine in terms of creating the video, but the resolution of the text on the horizontal axes, when I play back in either Windows Media Player (on my PC) or QuickTimePlayer (on my MAC) isn't yet satisfactory. I've tried adjusting the font size and using .mp4 format as well but to no avail.
Each frame in the video consists of a bar graph surrounded by a grey border. If I could just "stretch" the graph horizontally within the border, I'd be fine.


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