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Live Script not working - Fedora 36

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VC on 10 Nov 2022
Answered: Gowthami on 25 Nov 2022
Hi. Thanks in advance.
I am unable to create a new live script or open a .mlx file. The following error is shown when I try to do so - "Unable to open this file in the current system configuration.".
Further, the documentation does not load. It takes me to a blank 'Help' window.
I have tried the following with no success -
  1. Checked for libgconf-2-4, which is now part of GConf2. This is already installed.
  2. Tried to find broken symlinks in '/usr/local/MATLAB/sys/jxbrowser-chromium/glnxa64/chromium/'. But, there is no 'jxbrowser-chromium' directory. Similarly there is no 'HtmlPanel' directory in '$HOME/.matlab/2022b/', which was suggested as an alternative location for the said broken symlinks.
  3. Tried to find missing dependencies. But how do I do that since this can be found in the above missing directory.
Please help. I wrote my code in .mlx and I need to submit it for an assignment this weekend.
I have MATLAB R2022b installed on Fedora 36 (Gnome 42).
The solutions from the following answers do not work for me -

Answers (1)

Gowthami on 25 Nov 2022
Hello VC,
It is my understanding that you are unable to create a new live script or open a '.mlx' file in Live Script.
Please try the workaround mentioned in the below MATLAB Answers link to see if the issue is resolved-


Find more on Introduction to Installation and Licensing in Help Center and File Exchange




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