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*.mlapp-file is corrupted after pc-crash. Is there a way to recover it?

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I was working on an app and my pc crashed. After restarting I was not able to open the *.mlapp-file. The response I get from Matlab is the same as in 'Is it possible to recover a corrupted *.mlapp file?'.
I attached the file 'Mapping_Coder_Corrupted.mlapp', which is the version I was working on when the pc crashed. I have also attached an older version 'Mapping_Coder_version_from_standalone_installer.mlapp'. I was able to extract that from the installer for a standalone version I generated earlier. However I am not able to open this one either.
Is there a chance to somehow restore one of the *.mlapp-files or get the code out of the corrupted-files?

Accepted Answer

Gowthami on 23 Nov 2022
Hello Lars,
It is my understanding that your MATLAB App(.mlapp) file was corrupted after a PC crash.
The data may not be permanently lost, and there could be a chance to manually recover the data of a corrupted App(.mlapp) file.
Please follow the steps below to see if you can recover the data:
1. In your Windows temporary folder, look for a file with a name in the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX.
You can find the temporary folder by entering
at the MATLAB Command Window.
The file should have the same size in bytes as the corrupted file and should have been created at about the same time as your machine was rebooted.
2. If this temp file can be found, copy it to a safe location and rename it 'mydata.mlapp'. Attempt to open the file in MATLAB. If it works, the data you had been trying to save has been recovered.
3. If this temp file cannot be found, look for a file '*.mlapp.bak' in the same folder as the corrupted file.
If this backup file can be found, this is your data *before* it was saved. Rename this file to '*.mlapp'. At least then, this can recover the data prior to saving.
Sai Sandeep Chigurupati
Sai Sandeep Chigurupati on 5 May 2024 at 16:30
Hello Gowthami, i too have similar problem and i didnt find any temp file with the same size in temp folder, also no .bak file found, is there any way to recover the file. Iam attaching the file for your reference.Pls let me know.
Sai Sandeep Chigurupati
Sai Sandeep Chigurupati on 6 May 2024 at 17:23
This is one of the logfiles in the temp folder generated before system crash, pls check and let me know if this is of any help

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