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Convert tiff to dicom using a metadata file

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Amine Adjoud
Amine Adjoud on 17 Nov 2022
Answered: Gowthami on 21 Nov 2022
I'm trying to convert a tif image to DICOM, but I encouter several problems (see the screenshot). Has anyone managed to do this?

Answers (1)

Gowthami on 21 Nov 2022
Hi Amine,
It is my understanding that you are getting an error while converting a "TIF" image to "DICOM".
Please refer to the below pointers to resolve the issue:
  • Matlab stores "DICOM" data in a 4D array - the first two dimensions are rows and columns, the third dimension is color, and the fourth dimension represents slices.
  • If your 3D data is of the form [rows columns slices], you can convert it to the 4D matrix expected as input by the following,
>> reshape(X,[numberofrows numberofcolumns 1 numberofslices]);


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