formatstring error when using tabularTextDatastore

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Hello all,
I am trying to read a large CSV file (~500GB) using tabularTextDatastore.
my command line is just one:
ds = tabularTextDatastore('filename.csv')
the error I'm getting is:
Error using tabularTextDatastore (line 147)
Output argument "formatString" (and maybe others) not assigned duting call to ">convertDatatypeToFormatString".

could't find any material on this error online, can someone please advise?



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Answers (1)

Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes on 8 Dec 2022
Edited: Jeremy Hughes on 8 Dec 2022
Turns out this was a bug in R2020a and is been fixed in R2020b. See:
You can work around this with:
ds = tabularTextDatastore('sample file.csv','Delimiter',';','TextscanFormats',"%f%f%f%f%f%q")
ds = tabularTextDatastore('sample file.csv','Delimiter',';','TextscanFormats',"%f%f%f%f%f%x")
Jeremy Hughes
Jeremy Hughes on 13 Dec 2022
The other alternative is to use all %q fields:
ds = tabularTextDatastore('sample file.csv','Delimiter',';','TextscanFormats',"%q%q%q%q%q%q")

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