Matlab energy consumption greater than charger?

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Hi, during my simulation even if my laptop is connected to the charger it looses charge due to the simulation that I run on matlab.
Do you know if this is normal, or how can I fix it?

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Jan on 21 Nov 2022
This is not a problem of Matlab, but your powersupply is too weak. Is it the original one delivered with the laptop? If so, it might be damaged.
MementoMori on 21 Nov 2022
Edited: MementoMori on 21 Nov 2022
Yes, it is the original one. But I have this problem only when I run matlab
Jan on 21 Nov 2022
I do not think, that Matlab is the only application, which exhausts the available power. Maybe the other applications you use have less demands to the CPU.
Check this e.g. by the tools CPUBurn, Prime95 or other benchmarks, which produce a heavy load.

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