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Reading from COM port for 2 days

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naser moravej
naser moravej on 27 Nov 2022
Answered: chrisw23 on 28 Nov 2022
Hello everyone,
I have an instrument which continuously sends data over serial port (I use an USB to TTL) with baud rate 460800. Currently I can capture its data for about 6 hours (the target PC has 4GB of ram). This period of time doesn't satisfy my requirement. I'm tring to read from serial port for 2 days (or more). Perhaps this limition is because of the amount of system's ram. Is there any way to save data directly to the hard disk to eliminate this limition?
This is my code. The code suppose to infinitely read from serial port util the USB to TTL get upluged.
packet_length = 816;
numT = 100000
rawData1D = zeros(1, numT * packet_length);
s = serial('COM22','BaudRate',460800,'timeout', 10);
s.InputBufferSize = 242400000;
C = 1;
a = 0;
while 1
a = fread(s,packet_length);
if size(a,1) < packet_length
rawData1D(packet_length * C + 1: packet_length * (C + 1)) = a;
C = C + 1
Thanks for your suggestion.

Answers (1)

chrisw23 on 28 Nov 2022
I suggest to use event based communication. Reading a fixed packet length may lead to a buffer over-/underrun due to asynchronous write and read operations.
read this Serial Events


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