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.Net DLL not working after some time

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Andre Frauenholz
Andre Frauenholz on 28 Nov 2022
Answered: chrisw23 on 28 Nov 2022
we creating a .NET MATLAB DLL and calling the DLL from the C# code. This works for a while withou any problems. But after some times the DLL is not rgoniesd anymore form the C# code. After recompiling the MTALB DLL the code is working correctly again.
How can we solve the problem with out recompileing the Matab DLL or invastigating the error.

Answers (1)

chrisw23 on 28 Nov 2022
Check that the Matlab class will not be reinstantiated before the last object of this class was properly disposed. If you debug your C# code and end up manually it's on you to dispose the Matlab runtime object.





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