Using a Simulink model with multi-objective genetic algorithm

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I have a vehicle model, where there is an output of cost ($) and emissions (kg CO2) that I intend to minimize using a multi-objective Genetic Algorithm, but I am not sure how to implement those Simulink outputs in the GA,
I can't seem to find any examples of this,
Any help / advice appreciated
Many thanks

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Sakshay on 2 Dec 2022
Hello Roland,
As per my understanding, you have created a Simulink Model. And you want to optimize the outputs of the Simulink model by varying the input and other control parameters.
MathWorks provides an add on product called Simulink Design Optimization, which provides functions, interactive tools, and blocks for analyzing and tuning model parameters. You can refer to the following link for more information:
Another way to accomplish the same, would be to make use of the "sim" function. The "sim" is used to programmatically run a Simulink model. For the Multiobjective Genetic Algorithm, you can define the fitness function using the "sim" function. The input to the fitness function can be the different input variables over which the optimization is to be performed. These input variables can be provided to the "sim" function. The output of the "sim" function contains the values of the output generated by running the simulation, which you can use to calculate the fitness value. For more information on the use of "sim" function and further examples, you can refer to the following documentation:

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