How to add vector space to a live script text ?

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Hello everyone.
I like using live editor to explain my derivations and give various information with the code.
I am doing some matrix operations and we have some vectors to we deal with but I could not figure our how to add vectors in text form. So far what I could do was :
Since this not a very accurate notation, I want to remove the brackets inside and just have the {a;b;c}.
How may I achieve this ?

Accepted Answer

Aditya on 23 Jan 2023
Hi Nuri,
I understand that you want to insert a marix/vector with curly braces in MATLAB live editor text. The simplest way would be to use LaTeX equation. The following snippet creates the vector as requested in the example
\left\lbrace \begin{array}{c}
a \\
b \\
You can try any of the following pair instead of lbrace and rbrace:
  • \lbrack - \rbrack
  • \lbrace - \rbrace
  • \langle - \rangle
  • \lvert - \lvert
  • \lVert - \lVert

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