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How to solve mixin warning issue

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Shin on 14 Jan 2023
Answered: Gowthami on 16 Jan 2023
Hi there, I encountered 'mixin' warning in the command window when I run my code. How do I solve this issue? Thanks.
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Rik on 14 Jan 2023
The warning message tells you what to do. What is your question?

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Answers (1)

Gowthami on 16 Jan 2023
Hi Shin,
The class "matlab.system.mixin.SampleTime" seems to have been removed from the codebase in a previous release of MATLAB and was replaced by "matlab.System" class. Please make the appropriate changes in the code to inherit from "matlab.System" class to fix this warning.
More information on "matlab.System" can be found here:
More information on "matlab.system.mixin.SampleTime" can be found here:


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