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convert time series struct to csv file

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I have a 1x1 struct called 'fluid_data' with 13 fields where each field is a 400000 x 1 timetable. In each field, there is a 'time' column and a quantity column e.g. 'viscosity'. These headings are in the field.
I am trying to make this into a csv file called "my_csv_file" with this code but it will not accept timeseries
fluid_data = load('property_values.mat');
'property_values.mat' is an output file I created earlier in the code. This contains simulink timeseries data. So I am converting this file into a struct called 'fluid_data' and then converting this into a csv file called "my_csv_file"
Thank you

Accepted Answer

Gowthami on 18 Jan 2023
Hi Davindra,
It is my understanding that you trying to convert a MAT file to a CSV file when the MAT file has structures in it.
If the MAT file contains a structure, we would not know which fields to save into the CSV file.
One possible solution is to load the MAT file to the MATLAB Workspace, then convert the structure to a table. For example, if the MAT file has the following structure:
>> S.Name = {'CLARK';'BROWN';'MARTIN'};
>> S.Gender = {'M';'F';'M'};
>> S.SystolicBP = [124;122;130];
>> S.DiastolicBP = [93;80;92];
You can convert the structure array to table and then use the "writetable" function to write the table to a CSV file, as follows:
>> T = struct2table(S)
>> writetable(T,'test.csv')
Please refer to the following link for more information on using the "writetable" function:
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Davindra Usov
Davindra Usov on 19 Jan 2023
Hi Gowthami,
This is exactly what I ended up doing
many thanks for your help

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