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'smimport' requires Simscape Multibody. why do i get this message while importing models from solidworks

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i have installed simscaoe multibody but while using smimport i get the messgae "'smimport' requires Simscape Multibody."

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Gowthami on 22 Jan 2023
It is my understanding that you are receiving error while using the 'smimport' even though the 'Simscape Multibody' has been installed.
If it recognizes the function but will not let you use it, It seems that you may have installed the required product but may not have a license for it.
Execute the following code in the command line window and check whether you have the 'Simscape Multibody' product license.
>> ver
Gowthami on 27 Jan 2023
It seems you have installed the 'Simscape Multibody Link' but not the 'Simscape Multibody' itself.
To resolve your issue, kindly use the Add-Ons Explorer to find the product and install it.

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