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Setting Aging parameters in generic battery model (battery mask)

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Hi, Can anyone help me with setting aging parameters in generic battery model?
  1. Capacity at EOL (End Of Life) (Ah)
  2. Internal resistance at EOL (Ohms)
  3. Cycle life at 100 % DOD, Ic and Id (Cycles)
  4. Cycle life at 25 % DOD, Ic and Id (Cycles)
  5. Cycle life at 100 % DOD, Ic and Idmax (Cycles)
  6. Cycle life at 100 % DOD, Icmax and Id (Cycles)
In the documentation, they described how to set discharge and temperature related parameters from battery datsheet. But I am not finding mentioned aging paramters in the datasheet.
Jarin Tasnim
Jarin Tasnim on 23 Jan 2023
Also they did not mention how to set these parameters in the documentation
Christine Li
Christine Li on 21 Apr 2023
Hi Jarin,
What is the vendor and part number of the battery you are using? If you are using this Table-based Battery block, you can parameterize the battery model with pre-built data sheet from many vendors. Here is the list of Pre-Parameterized Components. If the battery you are using is not listed, the alternative method is to use paramter esimator app to esimate the unknown parameters for battery. Please check this short video: Modeling Batteries Using Simulink and Simscape.

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Answers (1)

Javier Gazzarri
Javier Gazzarri on 26 Jul 2023
Hello Jarin,
Aging parameters are typically difficult to find in datasheets and sometimes you need to cycle the battery to find them. Sometimes this is information a battery supplier may be able and willing to provide.
Depending on the type of analysis you are doing, you may also set these parameters according to a warranty claim or worst case scenario, and perform simulations of a generic battery use to determine whether the EOL condition is reached after a certain amount of usage.
Please let me know if this is of any help.


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